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Siloed Sales and Marketing teams that hinder your growth instead of generating business opportunities?
Building meaningful connections that convert prospects into loyal customers?
Lack of in-house expertise and bandwidth to support impactful multichannel strategies?
Inefficient team collaboration that affects your company reputation?
Navigating change and increasing demand effectively to capitalise on emerging opportunities?
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We are a B2B Marketing agency that helps you accelerate your business and disrupt the market through innovative and human-centric strategies. The Firefly Agency focuses on combining online and offline initiatives in order to connect Marketing and Sales and capture opportunity demand, Corporate Experiences that empower talent and Business Support to elevate the organisation value proposition.

The Firefly Agency is inspired by the mesmerising lighting patterns of these creatures. And what’s so special about fireflies? Tell us when you see one, because… the world just stops. Nothing else matters. It’s a grounding experience, and just like fireflies communicate through their own unique lighting pattern in order to find their match, at TFA, we’ll discover the pattern that truly connects your business to your stakeholders and sets you up for success. One thing we’re sure of at TFA is that people want to do business with people. It's not B2B, it's human to human, and that is what makes a difference.

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Elyse is passionate about growth strategies that bring ideas to life. This is The Firefly Agency’s cornerstone.

With the creation of The Firefly Agency, Elyse decided to take her extended experience to support other companies that are facing the same challenges she overcame. From ideation, to strategy and execution, Elyse believes in boosting your business through unique and successful demand capturing strategies, human-centric experiences, and business support services.

Having been on the other side, Elyse understands how to approach this competitive market in order to create a lasting impact. Adaptability, strong interpersonal skills and a multicultural background are her trademark. That, and her smile.

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And…read the experience of those who have already worked with the founder.


Elyse's expertise comes out in the orchestration of joint roundtables set in exquisite locations, with an intimate setup that sparks great conversations with prospects. These professionally-run events have driven great results for Salesforce and Waeg, capturing demand, cultivating a quality pipeline, and ultimately achieving revenue. Her expertise and creative thinking played a critical role in the success of our collaborative projects. I wholeheartedly recommend partnering with Elyse and The Firefly Agency!
Ioana-Cătălina Posea, Partner Marketing Northern Europe, Salesforce
At Salesforce our experience of working with Elyse was extremely positive. We worked on several events together but one that stood out was the work we did on the Salesforce Partner Kick-off in Amsterdam. She really went the extra mile on personalising the event for each executive and took the time to understand the needs and objectives of the event. The amazing work delivered has had a very positive impact on how we have been able to develop the partnership between Waeg, IBM and Salesforce. Many thanks!
Martin Pepper, Vice President - Global IBM Alliance Leader, Salesforce
Elyse is a driving force when it comes to connecting the dots between the business, teams, channels and stakeholders in order to have an impact internally and externally. Her “human” approach, deep understanding and ability to seamlessly bridge the gap between Sales and Marketing is truly one of a kind. Our collaboration made my work easier and more impactful, whether it was from launching a new campaign, organising an event or even supporting with content and design for proposals. Elyse's finesse in navigating the complexities of this competitive landscape, coupled with her pragmatic approach, sets her apart. She doesn't just think outside the box, she creates an entirely new playing field!
Nick Celis, Sales Director BeNeLux, Waeg, an IBM Company
It’s always a pleasure working with you, with your contagious positive attitude and smile as a trademark. Happy to engage in a future project!
Gert-Jan Hoefakker, Strategic Account Executive, Salesforce
Elyse is not afraid to say no or to challenge the status quo when she feels it is the right thing to do and is always ready with other options. Her ‘can-do’ attitude with impressive marketing acumen and domain knowledge coupled with the ability to build and sustain strong professional relationships are key for the success of the projects developed.
Global Marketing and Communication lead at Multinational IT company
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Bespoke Sales Transformation Programme

Driving growth and real value can be daunting, especially in this demanding business landscape. This service is designed to empower your company to drive sustainable revenue growth, challenge the status quo, and disrupt the competitive market. With a focus on strategic planning, execution, and follow-up, TFA collaborates closely with you to:

Develop and implement go-to-market approaches

Bring together your Sales and Marketing

Turn leads into actionable opportunities

Make a real impact on your organisation

Strategy | Execution | Relationship & Revenue Accelerators | Demand Capturing

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Tailor Made Experiences

Fostering true bonding connections can feel overthought or even fake. It’s like we say at TFA: “it's not B2B, it's human to human”. People want to do business with people, that is why it is so important for you to empower your internal talent, boost motivation, experience refreshing ideas, and focus on connecting.

This specialised service focuses on creating meaningful and impactful interactions between companies and their stakeholders. We design and execute experiences that go beyond the digital realm and foster genuine relationships recognising the importance of human connections in a technology-driven world. With The Firefly Agency experiences you will:

Be free from event organisation tasks

Make the most out of networking and bonding at your own corporate events

Have insights on company culture health indicators

Enjoy your own team retreats

Maximise knowledge sharing at workshops and trainings

Corporate Events | Team Building | Workshops | Training - leading with empathy, public speaking | Media Training

Planning your next company experience? Book TFA as your partner!

Nitty Gritty

Bandwidth is always a problem when we wear multiple hats, after all, you can’t pour from an empty cup. Knowing when to delegate is a virtue. Dedicate your energy to doing what you know best, and have the peace of mind of leaving the rest to us.

The 'Nitty Gritty' service is designed to address those tiny details that play a crucial role in enhancing your company's overall impact and success. This service focuses on providing support in essential areas where there might lack the necessary expertise or resources. With TFA taking care of these everyday tasks, you will:

Focus on your core business activities

Maintain a polished and professional image

Have flexibility for last-minute unpredictable tasks

Presentation Content & Design | Video Editing | Copywriting

Overwhelmed with tasks? Struggling with capacity? Get in touch!


1. Book a first call with The Firefly Agency or fill out our contact form.

2.  We will meet via an online call.

3. During and after our call we will understand your needs and find the correct approach and address your business challenges.

4. We will sync back frequently for service review adjustments.

5. Throughout our collaboration we assure you we will follow the TFA Commitment.


We are an extension of your team. We take the time to truly understand your business's unique qualities in order to leverage them towards stakeholders who share your vision. We are focused on setting up and executing timely strategic initiatives that drive growth for your business.

Through tailor made strategies we aim to foster authentic connections and create an ecosystem where ideas transform into tangible outputs, growth flourishes, ideas thrive, and new possibilities emerge.

We will always:

Communicate to ensure clear understanding and alignment throughout the collaboration.

Be pragmatic, transparent and honest even if it means telling the hard truths sometimes.

Keep it simple and practical.

Do the right thing even when no one is watching.

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Prevent stagnant business growth trajectories.

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